Karnataka is a state in Southern India and has Bangalore as its capital. Karnataka is the sixth largest state in India. It stretches from the north from Belgaum to the south of Mangalore. It has various land features and lots of diversities. In coastal region you will find numerous coconut trees and beautiful beaches and in the interior with Mountains, valleys and farmlands you will find the quintessential local charm. Karnataka people, culture and festivals portray a wide variety of diversity and awesomeness. Karnataka people, culture and festivals are indeed an area that is worth appreciation. The kingdoms that ruled in Karnataka have left an indelible mark on the lifestyle of the people of the state. Thus, we can find an admixture of cultural traits from the Sultans and the other Hindu kings.

General Information

Capital: Bangalore

Largest City: Bangalore

Area Rank (In India):8th

Total Area:Approx 191,791 sq kilometers (74,051 sqmiles)

Languages: Kannada, Tulu, Hindi, English.

Climate:The relief is low in most parts of the state and involves diverse climate conditions. Winter is from January to February. Summer season from March to May. Monsoon season from May to September. Post-monsoon season from October to December.

Best Time to Travel : Karnataka can be best traveled to and enjoyed in the months between November and April.


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    6 Days

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    5 Nights/6 Days

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    6 Days

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    5 days / 4 nights

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    4 days / 3 nights

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    4 days / 3 nights