Odisha, formerly known as Orissa is a state lying in the eastern coast of India. The people of Odisha (Formerly Orissa) welcome you to experience the myriad wonders of this magical state. Odisha, also known as The Soul of India, is a mystical land where the hoary past and the modern today form a harmonious blend - where ancient temples mingle with modern five star hotels. A land filled with awe inspiring monuments, thousands of master craftsmen and artists, numerous wildlife sanctuaries, stunning natural landscapes; it is also a place where you can find perfect blend of Modernity with Heritage. Whatever you desire, you'll find it here! As delighted visitors to Odisha have said - it is a wonder that such a small geographic area can contain such a vast and fascinating collection of sights and experiences.

So explore Odisha and get enchanted with its unmatched beauty.

General Information

Capital: Bhubaneswar

Largest City: Bhubaneswar

Area Rank (In India): 9th

Total Area:  Approx 155,820 sq kilometers (60,160 sq miles)

Languages: Hindi, Odiya.

Climate : Standing on the coastal belt, the weather in Odisha (Orissa) is greatly influenced by the sea. The climate of the region is tropical resulting in very high temperature in the months of April and May. On the contrary, the Eastern Ghats of the state experience an extremely cold climate.

Best Time to Travel : Odisha can be best traveled to and enjoyed in the months between December to April.


  • Odisha
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