There is nowhere else in the world where you can stand on the shores of the Aegean and Ionian Seas and feel centuries of culture and civilization spring to life before you.  Greece has the tenth longest coastline in the world, and is covered with beautiful mountains and hills. In Greece there are a great number of lakes and wetlands and many sights to behold.  One can travel back to ancient times in any number of ancient remains. This beautiful country of Greece holds more culture and historic value than anywhere else in the world. One can also encounter thought-provoking modern art and a robust and contemporary music scene, stumbling across galleries, live music and impressively modern museums in the most unexpected places. Greece balances its past, present and future in a way managed by few other countries. The result is a country with endless cultural pursuits.

General Information

Capital :  Athens

Total Area :  Approx 131,957 sq kilometers (50,949 sq miles)

Time Zone :  East European Time (GMT + 2.00); (GMT + 3.00) in summers.

ISD Code : +30

Official Language : Greek

Currency : Euro (EUR)

Religion : Orthodox Christianity.

Climate : Greece climate is dominated by sun, as for over two thirds of the year the country basks under clear, sunny skies. Temperatures do vary, however. Winters are mild and rainy, with temperatures sometimes dropping to freezing point, especially in the north. Summers are long and dry, with extremes of 37 degrees making the yearly mean temperature about 17 degrees. For those not overly fond of the heat, the mountainous areas offer some respite as they receive more rain in summer, and even snow in winter. 

Best Time to Travel : Greece can be traveled to and enjoyed in April to May and August to October.


  • Athens - Mykonos - Santorini
    7 days / 8 nights

  • Greece - Turkey
    9 days / 8 nights